Kid Entrepreneurs

Introduce your kid to a creative life of entrepreneurship


Your kid is about to launch their FIRST business!

  • Learn the Basics of Entrepreneurship 100%
  • Think of a Business Idea 100%
  • Refine Your Business Model 100%
  • Build Your First Prototype 100%
  • Create Your Online Presence 100%
  • Launch Your Business! 100%

Complete FREE Courses

The first step to launching your business is to understand the basics of entrepreneurship. During the Entrepreneurship for Kids course, your child will learn what is entrepreneurship, how to form an idea, and how to launch a successful business. During the Negotiation for Kids course, your child will learn the basics of negotiation strategies. 

Pair with Mentor

After finishing the free Entrepreneur School courses, your child will be ready to be paired with an Entrepreneur School Mentor. The mentor will help your child build out their business model and get their first sale. Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure full of new experiences. It helps to have an experienced mentor guide your child down the right path and show them strategies to be successful.

Sell to Your 1st Customer

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