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What are your kid's favorite activities?

What’re your kid’s favorite activities?

Every day kids engage in activities that are provided or created by businesses. Whether it’s playing basketball, watching their favorite tv show, or playing video games, these products and services all originated from entrepreneurs. Someone has to make the basketball, produce the tv show, and program the software for the video game. The Entrepreneur School Kid Course shows kids how businesses are all around them.

What’re your kid’s favorite brands?

Showing a kid why they like certain brands exposes them to how businesses market their products and services. Kids are not aware of the underlining strategies businesses use in marketing. Whether it’s to look more popular or provide convenience, realizing that all businesses market their value can help a kid think of ways to mimic strategies into their own business ideas.

What're your kid's favorite brands?
Who is an entrepreneur?

Who is an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur School teaches kids about famous entrepreneurs and how they started their businesses. Being able to relate to individuals who started with nothing can increase a kid’s confidence that they can one day become successful. Learning how others created thought of business idea encourages kids to think of their own.

What’s a niche?

The Kid Course teaches kids that a product or service needs to be different than what’s currently already in the marketplace. Competitors are in every industry which requires you to constantly be creative. We show kids how to discover their target market so they can identify opportunities in a cluttered environment.

What's a niche?
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Team Formation

During our in-person courses, kids group into teams to create their own business idea. Each kid will be given a business role and be responsible for a specific task. While encouraging social behavior, working in a team can prepare kids for the future when they will have a co-founder in their startup.

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