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Course 105: After the Business Plan

Entrepreneur School was esential in helping me get my company up and running. They are very knowledgeable, informative and insightful. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur that is ready to turn their vision into a reality.

Emily Hastings

Founder, Amazing Art Parties

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AFter the Business Plan

Author: Christopher John Trujillo

After the Business Plan is not a book to help you create the perfect business plan. Nor is it a book to help you test whether you have a solid business idea. It is a book to walk you through the major steps you take to launch your startup. All successful startups must master these steps. For example, how do you hire an employee? When do you classify a worker as an independent contractor instead of an employee? Which entity is the best for your business? Where do you apply for funding? With this book, not only will you find the answers to these questions, but you will also receive advice on common business practices and learn where to find necessary legal documents online.

If you have finished your business plan and are preparing for launch, or are just interested in learning more about business then After the Business Plan is the book for you.

All steps and resources in this book are current for the State of California in the year 2017.

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